Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay. Soultion 2 for bus powered enclosure: Anyone come across this? When using a serial “sync” cable, you will need a null modem and gender changer to use the hand control RS port cable or a custom cable. The device doesn’t seem to be available at their website but can be purchase from the manufacturer – Serial IO. I’ve forgotten my password.

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Current hand neexstar manufactured since April have a USB port while older hand controls have an RS port looks like a phone jack. Now right click the unallocated nexstar usb and click create a New Simple Volume shown below: On Mac and Windows computers, any software that can communicate nexstar usb a wired serial connection should work fine.

NexStar HX SuperSpeed USB 3.0

Sign In Need an account? Alrighty – I’m on the right track. Configure your astronomy nexstar usb to connect to this port. Setup Necstar as Jim suggested as “directly though serial port”, then you will also have to enter nexstar usb com port.

Nexstar usb NexStar GTs received a hand control update inidentifiable nexstar usb the addition of the Two Star Align option, which used this same control protocol. The PL driver is sometimes necessary and it’s often a snag in the process. It is first important to understand that as the NexStar system evolved, three different control protocols were jsb.

NexStar HX SuperSpeed USB – Vantec Thermal Technologies

No, there’s no chance of that. You can begin using the storage.

If nexstar usb doesn’t fix it, google “prolific usb serial driver. As such, nexstar usb you connect to it, your computer will have a serial port that your astronomy software will interface with. Several functions may not work.

NexStar hand controller has USB port, not serial. Stellarium help…

You should now be able to create a partition and format the hard drive. Laptop is the easy part with the serial connection. If the Moderator wants, he can delete my post–I assume you are nexstar usb the mod. If nexstar usb are using a USB 2. This will launch a popup window and select disk management.

Shutdown system, wait 10 seconds and restart. Jond – Today, Thanks for the confirmation.

The first is Celestron’s WiFi solution. If you do not see the Initialize Disk wizard, manually start the initialization. The next test would be to use the program to direct the scope to GoTo an object. Soultion ndxstar for bus powered nexstar usb It is as simple as connecting up the unit to the adapter, power it ON and you have access nexstar usb your Nexstzr drive.

There are a few possibilities in this arena.

PC, Mac, Tablet and Smartphone Control of NexStar Telescopes – NexStar Resource Site

Documentation on the use of TheSky is here. Wired connections to a tablet or smartphone are pretty much limited to Simulation Curriculum’s SkyWire and their SkySafari application. Please use the right set of instruction for your System. Posted 20 May – They also have a control protocol unique to them, so if a software does not state specifically that it is nwxstar nexstar usb this mount, it nexstar usb likely will not communicate. Feel free to experiment, but be ready nexstar usb press any of the arrow nrxstar on the hand control if the mount seems to be slewing out of control and it looks like the optical tube might strike the mount.

It is plug and play.