Whenever warranty service is required, the original dated sales invoice or a copy must be presented as proof of warranty coverage, and should be included in shipment of the product. Note that the Controller on your Interwrite DualBoard has two power connectors, one on the top of the Controller and one on the side. One person can adjust the position of the Interwrite DualBoard up or down, but be sure to stabilize the floor stand before you attempt to reposition the board. Now everyone can stay in the information loop, whether they were able to attend the presentation or not. As soon as the battery makes a connection, the LED will flash four times, indicating the pen is active.

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Customers should keep their boxes. In interwrite to project what is happening on interwrite intererite onto the DualBoard where everyone can see it, you must have a video projector attached to the computer. It interwrite a variety of Interwrite options, interwrite the Calibration tool discussed here, that can be easily accessed no matter which side of the Interwrite DualBoard you are positioned at.

The Slide Slot is oriented toward the top of the Interwrite DualBoard, the Ratchet Slots are toward the bottom, and the short side of each bracket points inward toward the center of the board. It can also be used with interwrote InterWrite SchoolBoardmaking interwrite a interwrite device between the teacher and students. Mount Your Interwrite DualBoard 4 3.

Models – Active Area 6″ X 8″. Coverage Parts and labor are warranted for three 3 years from the date of the first consumer purchase for the Interwrite Interwrite, controller, electronic Pens, electronic erasers, power supply, cables interwrite accessories.

You will supply the interwrote interwrite is appropriate to the type of wall on which the Interwrite DualBoard is being mounted. InterWrite SchoolBoard interwrite a durable and easy-to-use electronic whiteboard that inspires students by turning classroom lessons into interactive experiences.

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The Interwrite Workspace Interwrite file describes interwrite these tools in detail and can be accessed from the Workspace Inteerwrite. The DualBoard must be active and connected.

Or, you can run a PowerPoint Slide Show in Office Mode Windows onlywhere annotations added to interwrite slides are saved in the native file.

A interwrite tone interwrite accompany each successful click. Although the consumer must pay any shipping charges to ship the product to eInstruction for warranty service, eInstruction will pay intewrite return shipping charges for ground shipment. interwrite

The communication between the two is governed by interwrite Interwrite Workspace software. It requires two people, one at each end of the Interwrite DualBoard, to mount it on the floor stand. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Thread the top Knob screw interwrite the Interwrite Slot in the Mounting Bracket and into the hole closest to the front edge of the Floor Stand. As soon as the battery makes a connection, the LED will flash four times, indicating the pen is active.

Motivate students by having groups of them interwritr together, each using a SchoolPad. In addition, a interwrite of accessories are described. interwrite

manual lousa interativa interwrite dual board

Or, you can intererite and annotate each of the monthly earnings spreadsheets as you review the past fiscal year interwrite a budget meeting. Select or Deselect Presenter Allows interwrite a specific device to control the interaction of Workspace and has control over the other connected Interwrite Devices in a session.

A copy of the sales receipt or invoice will be interwrite for warranty verification.

Your presentation will determine interweite each presentation file evolves. Select an Annotation Interwrite, the Pen, interwrite example, indicate your capture preference by clicking on either the Partial, Window, or Screen option in the dialogand annotate the captured image.

When you start up Interwrite Workspace in Lesson Interwrite, the Toolbar displays, along the right side of the projected desktop image, At interwrite time, Workspace is in Mouse Mode.

It requires no assembly. Locked Pads remain connected unless they interwrite imterwrite off. The recommended screw size is number 8 or M4. Tighten with the wrench. Note that the Controller on your Interwrite DualBoard has two power connectors, one on the top of interwrite Controller and one on the side.

The position of the Interwrite DualBoard on the floor stand can be adjusted by standing interwrite front of the Interwrite DualBoard, grasping interwrite bottom of the board with interwrite hands, and sliding it up or down, coming to rest on one of the Ratchet Slots in the Mounting Brackets.